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The MIK at Researchers’ Night 2017 29-09-2017

The popular “Researchers’ Night” is also organized again in 2017 on the 29th of September. Within the frames of this […]

The MIK at Researchers’ Night 2016 16-09-2016

The popular “Researchers’ Night” is also organized again in 2016. Within the frames of this program on September 30th, 2016 […]

1app Application Development Competition – Announcement of Results 16-09-2016

The result announcement ceremony of this year 1app Application Development Competition (by the BME Mobile Innovation Centre) will be held […]

1app Application Development Competition 04-03-2016

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The BME Mobile Innovation Centre starts Project Lab courses in this semester in co-operation with the Department of Networked Systems and Services.

The purpose of the Project Lab is to acquire practical experience in a tight technical topic according to the student interests.

As an electrical engineer or IT engineer student you can acquire knowledge within this field of profession over the average during the Project Lab work, and in case of appropriate progress you can continue your work and exploit your results within the frames of an internship or BSc thesis.

We are flexible regarding the time scheduling and topic description of the project lab.

According to your specialization you can apply for the announced topics, but first of all, please, visit and consult us to discuss the possibilities, topics and tasks.

We are waiting for you if you would like to conduct detailed studies in the following topics and technologies within the frames of the project lab:

  • Web application development
    • PHP
    • YII framework
    • .NET
    • Ajax
    • Javascript
    • Facebook application development
    • HTML 5
    • CSS 3
  • Mobile / Smartphone application development
    • Android (JAVA)
    • iOS
    • Windows Phone
  • Database
    • MySQL
    • PostgreSQL
    • LDAP
  • UNIX/Linux server application development
    • C++
    • Shell scripts
    • JAVA
    • Perl
    • Python
  • Networks, wireless technologies
    • Bluetooth
    • RFID
    • WiFi
    • Ethernet

Current project lab topics

Unique, student customized an MIK Profile fitted topics are drawn up based on the details discussed in the personal consultation.

Regarding the topics and possible consultation appointments, please contact Robert Schulcz.